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arnold palmer course

Innovatively routed on hilly, roller coaster-like terrain, Arnold Palmer’s 6,916 yards, par 72 Signature Course boasts dramatic elevation changes – up to 50 feet in some places – creating a unique variety of risk/reward shots.

That varied menu of shot-making opportunities is further ensured by six tee locations on each hole, a variety of natural preserve areas, generously wide fairways and strategically placed bunkers across all 18 holes.

A slight draw around the corner of this opening dogleg leaves you in perfect position for a short iron approach. The astute golfer will stay away from any shot that is short and right of the green. Hint; Green slopes severely from left to right.


Course Accolades:

Golf Digest
America’s Top 40 New Courses - No.21 (2005)

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Arnold Palmer's Best Golf Courses - No. 1 (2013)
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About Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer’s style, even more than his scorecard, elevated him to legendary stature. He played with a sense of adventure and exuberance, and today designs golf courses with that same passion. In Go for Broke, My Philosophy of Winning Golf, Palmer says, “Whenever I step out onto a course, it is with a vast expectancy. On any given day, I want it to tell me what it has in mind.” As a designer he now builds that expectancy into his courses, and his new layout at Reunion® Resort is no exception.

Hole 1

Par 4 | 421-384-360-352-296 Yards

A slight draw around the corner of this opening dogleg leaves you in perfect position for a short iron approach. The astute golfer will stay away from any shot that is short and right of the green. Hint; Green slopes severely from left to right.

Hole 2

Par 3 | 162-144-128-111-95 Yards

Enjoy the view on this elevated par three with a gently undulating green. A 50 foot drop in elevation makes this hole play one or two clubs short, but be careful to first check the direction of the wind.

Hole 3

Par 4 | 538-511-482-450-405

Find the fairway off the tee and you can reach the green in two. Other options include laying up and having a short iron approach into this green. This undulating green will make most birdie putts challenging.

Hole 4

Par 4 | 353-339-327-285-259 Yards

Taking aim at the right center of the fairway is the first objective on this short but demanding par 4. A precise short iron is required to hold this shallow firm green that slopes dramatically from back to front.

Hole 5

Par 3 | 180-170-155-144-117 Yards

Don't let your guard down on this well landscaped medium length par 3. Characterized by its multilevel green, par will be a good score.

Hole 6

Par 4 | 415-376-351-343-298 Yards

A drive down the right provides the shortest approach shot to this two tiered green. Club selection is critical for an opportunity at a realistic birdie putt.

Hole 7

Par 4 | 303-274-249-209-180 Yards

The rarest of great holes, a true short par 4, one that many players can theoretically reach with their drives, poses the ultimate risk-reward decision on the tee. Severely undulating green is flanked by deep bunkers.

Hole 8

Par 4 | 462-438-422-401-346 Yards

A well struck tee shot will take you left of center avoiding the bunkers on the right. A mid to long iron approach will be required to hold this large gently sloping green. Par is a very respectable score.

Hole 9

Par 5 | 552-526-515-489-430 Yards

Playing downwind this is a reachable par 5. Significantly topography down both sides of the fairway may present awkward lies. A gently sloping green allows for birdie opportunities.

Hole 10

Par 5 | 601-581-553-493-461 Yards

This dogleg right par 5 is a three shot hole for virtually all players. Well placed bunkers on the right will capture shots aimed at cutting the dogleg. Hit as much club as possible on the second shot and leave yourself a short iron approach to this large gently sloping green.

Hole 11

Par 4 | 409-378-352-340-279 Yards

Key strategy on this hole is to avoid the bunkers down the left side which provides an excellent view of the green from atop this elevated fairway. The player will face a large putting surface that may be difficult to navigate depending on the flagstick position.

Hole 12

Par 4 | 423-377-349-334-266 Yards

A generous landing area for your tee shot will leave a short to mid iron approach to this elevated green. Club selection is critical because depth perception may be difficult. Missing the green to the right will leave a challenging up and down most likely resulting in bogey.

Hole 13

Par 4 | 443-416-379-339-269

The Legacy's toughest par 4 requires a well struck tee shot. The green is guarded on the left by water and on the right by bunkers. Par will be a good score.

Hole 14

Par 3 | 130-119-113-106-99 Yards

A picturesque par three with natural marsh surroundings. All tee shots face the challenge of water should they miss right, left or short. Birdie opportunities are numerous for those players hitting iron shots carrying the precise distance.

Hole 15

Par 5 | 527-487-475-371-348

The tee shot on this mid length par 5 is very demanding but rewards a courageous shot over the water. Aiming farther right is the riskiest but more rewarding line off the tee, leaving the possibility of hitting this par 5 in two.

Hole 16

Par 3 | 178-160-150-129-92 Yards

Check flagstick location and wind conditions. These two factors determine your choice of club on this picturesque par 3. Missing the green left may mean bogey or worse.

Hole 17

Par 4 | 399-357-332-303-288 Yards

Leave your driver in the bag! Aim for the large tree in the center of the fairway. This will leave a short iron approach to a two-tiered green.

Hole 18

Pa4 4 | 420-382-366-330-274 Yards

A wonderful finishing hole with beautiful landscaping. Take an extra club for the uphill and expansive green that is two-tiered sloping back to front.