Massage Treatments

Treat yourself to the gift of relaxation, stress relief and serenity by booking one of our boutique spa’s amazing massage treatments!

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Our signature treatment combines a 50-minute Custom Massage (which includes your choice of aromatherapy or our exotic oil), with a 25-minute Warm Oil Scalp Massage using warm oils to nourish scalp and hair. To enhance your experience, we also include a hand or foot treatment. The ultimate escape!

GOLFER'S MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

The perfect way to loosen up before or after a great day on the course! This massage utilizes deep tissue and relaxation techniques combined with aromatherapy-infused T Spheres (these aroma-infused rubber balls are used to help alleviate muscle and joint aches). The therapist will hold the T Spheres in their hands as they perform the massage, rolling the balls around the shoulder blades, up the back of the neck and addressing pressure points in the arms, hands, and feet. You’ll be ready for another round of golf in no time after receiving this stimulating massage!

CUSTOM MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

Soothe away muscle tension with this customized massage. Choose any combination of our essential aromatherapy oils, firm pressure and warm stones. This is the ultimate massage for those who want to try a little bit of everything to help them relax and unwind.


Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customized massage. Dynamic blends of essential oils are used to target individual needs and reduce stress and muscle tension.

WARM STONE MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

We took our classic Swedish massage and made it the ultimate spa experience! Our therapist’s healing touch combined with the therapeutic properties of smooth, warm basalt stones will melt tension from your muscles and de-stress your mind. This is a relaxing experience that will take your mind to a new, more peaceful place.

REUNION® MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

A relaxation massage using light-to-moderate pressure massage techniques to stimulate the body’s own healing systems and calm the nerves. Choose from our select essential aromatherapy oils designed to relieve chronic patterns of stress - and to soothe and energize the mind and body. Or choose scent-free oil and let the healing touch of the therapist work its magic.

PRENATAL 50 minutes

Moms-to-be need pampering during this special time! Massage therapy can soothe aches and rejuvenate the spirit. Our therapist will start off with a light body brushing on the feet and legs to help promote circulation and lymphatic flow, then continue with a gentle-but-stimulating full body massage. To complete this journey of relaxation, the therapist will do light compressions on the feet, using warm aromatic towels, leaving mom feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This treatment is safe for baby and mom during the second or third trimester.

REFLEXOLOGY 25 or 50 minutes

Our expert therapists restore a sense of balance by targeting pressure points on the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body. The result? Improved circulation and reduced fatigue. 

SHIRODHARA 25 minutes

This massage treatment works both the physical and subtle (or astral) body. It brings balance to the life force prana, releasing toxins and providing complete relaxation. A warm oil is used for the marma (vital) point massage and chakra balancing to the entire body. Shirodhara also gives strength to the nervous system and helps to liberate toxins. This treatment releases tension and is excellent for people with chronic stress-related problems. Having this treatment before or after your massage will result in deep relaxation and stress relief.


Let a therapist help loosen and lengthen your muscles with a simple assisted stretching routine. The therapist will target specific muscle groups to help stretch out your shoulders, lower back, and the front and back of your legs using rhythmic stretching techniques.

JUST FOR COUPLES 50 or 80 minutes

The ultimate massage for two. Share your spa journey with your special someone and enjoy a side-by-side massage inside our private couple’s massage suite.



  • Deluxe Foot Massage - 25 minutes
  • Exfoliating Lime and Ginger Salt Glow - 25 minutes
  • Exfoliating Back Treatment - no additional time added
  • Exfoliating Foot Treatment - no additional time added
  • Exfoliating Hand Treatment - no additional time added
  • Deluxe Scalp Massage - 25 minutes
  • Warm Oil Scalp Treatment - no additional time added
  • Paraffin for the Hands/Feet - no additional time added
  • Agave Nectar Oil Enhancement - no additional time added
  • Warm Bamboo Treatment - no additional time added

Note: treatment prices do not include gratuities. For your convenience, we will add a 20% gratuity for all services. We ask that you give 24-hour’s notice for changes and cancellations. Any cancellations or “no shows” the day of treatment will be charged for the full price of the service that was booked.