Played like traditional golf but with a soccer ball, FootGolf offers a unique and exciting way to experience the undulating fairways of our award-winning Watson Course, a Tom Watson Signature Design.


FootGolf is played using the basic model of golf, with a tee box, a green, bunkers, hazards, a similar scorecard and 9 or 18 holes to play. The main differences are the cups, which are 21 inches in diameter, the ball (a #5 soccer ball), the shorter holes, and the fact that the players kick the ball instead of using clubs.

The main goal is simple: kick the ball into the hole with the fewest amount of kicks possible. Each hole has a Par just like golf ranging from Par 3-5 which adds up to a Par 72 the par indicates the possible number of kicks a player would need to get the ball into the hole.


A round of FootGolf includes rental golf cart and rental soccer ball. 
Tee times are available Sunday-Wednesday starting at 3pm.

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